About ROC

Today there seems to be little evidence that mission agencies have changed their strategies to adapt to what Thomas Friedman has called the new “flat world”. Few, if any, have recognized the power of this new force for evangelizing and growing the body of Christ in developing nations. Reach Ministries International (RMI), a 25 year old Third World holistic disciple making ministry and Resources Employment And Community Horizons (REACH), Inc., is initiating a new flat world strategy. August 2006, REACH Outsourcing Center was established in the Philippines.

The center employs Christian college graduates who perform transcription, document processing and Internet aggregation services for several U.S. companies. The center also generates profits that are distributed to the poor and assist Third World indigenous missionaries. One aspect of “poor”, that most people don’t think about, is that Third World college graduates have difficulty finding work. Time and again the educated, who are tomorrow’s leaders, leave their homeland to find employment in more developed countries. For example, in the Philippines, medical doctors leave to become nurses in the U.S. For every graduate that leaves, there are hundreds who are resigned to lower level jobs that provide little career opportunity. This Strategy Glorifies God God is glorified when we demonstrate God’s mercy to the needy…”as much as you’ve done this to the least of my brethren, you’ve done it unto me!”

God is glorified when our Third World brethren experience God’s purpose for work. When Christian graduates work while relying on “His” power and in accordance with “His” pattern of excellence, they display God’s glory and experience greater joy. In stark contrast, idleness brings despair, depression, guilt and hopelessness. God is glorified when we are obedient and preach the gospel to every nation. RMI and REACH Inc. are reaching the nations by 1) training Third World spiritual leaders who will permeate and impact society, and 2) distributing profits so that our Third World brethren can send out their own missionaries.